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The greatest question you can ask yourself when stumbling on a whitelabel cam site would be “is it worth it”? does seem like a solid live trans chat site at the first glance, but you’re not going to get anything new, revolutionary, or even changed for the better, but it’s still worth checking out.

I still need to see if there is a reason why you should choose it instead of the OG site,, or if my expectations are going to be crumbled. Most users stray away from these types of sites, and there’s a solid reason for that, primarily the fact that you can’t trust a copy to be as good as the original, even though their prices are the same.

First Impression of

As mentioned above, the design of this sex webcam site isn’t exactly eye candy, the overall theme is the same, but the color gradings seem off, maybe I’m too used to TSMate, or could it be that purple and white don’t mesh together so well? After all, personal tastes differentiate, and you can be the judge of that. 

One thing that’s not a matter of taste is the pop-ups that lead you to another cam site. No one likes to be bothered with commercials, especially because this one popped up when I was trying to create an account, and instead of being guided towards that page, I was suddenly on another site.

It just seems unintuitive to have it placed there, most users will see it as spam, or view the site as somewhat scammy, and you don’t want that on something so important. What really pissed me off, is that there is no possible way to create an account, you can log-in with a TSMate account, but creating a new one is out of the picture.

Trannycam Fades in Comparison with TSMate

There’s nothing about the tranny fetish webcam models that I could add, they’re fantastic, dedicated to making your time worth the money, and will do absolutely anything to get you off. With that being said, I wasn’t actually yielding the same results with the number of models, as a matter of fact, seems to have far fewer.

As for that, there isn’t a logical reason why it is the way it is, but so far this video site has made me accustomed to defying every logic. What I was extra disappointed about, is the quality of streams, when tested next to each other, TSMate has performed far better, providing crisp quality, unlike its counterpart with the low-res video.

Saying that it’s disappointing would be an understatement of the year, any user that tries to see some shows will be snubbed because of this issue. Honestly, it’s like this site is trying purposefully to deter all its potential customers away from the site, and as a consumer myself, I find it laughable.

Your Time Is Better Spent Elsewhere

Contrary to what you might think, customer support is the staple of every shemale cam site. If something in the slightest goes wrong, they should fix it right away, without much hesitation. That wasn’t the case here, at all, after half an hour trying to reach someone, I was left to hang dry and talk to my hand. 

Even the e-mail option didn’t work well, so, in hindsight, they don’t care at all. Comparing that to TSMate is like you’re looking at the opposite sides of a spectrum. No matter how similar these two sites looked at first, the deeper I’ve explored they grew further apart, to the point where it’s hard to believe how something so simple can get ruined.

You even get bonus tokens on TSMate, it just shows how much they care for the average consumer, unlike its evil twin. The point being, you should in no way waste your time on this site, it’s just not worth the effort, you will waste time on it, and I just wish that there was a way to erase my memory and forget all about it.


Trannycam is a live trans chat site that won’t even allow you to create an account, and without it, you can’t watch the streams, what a fine way of screwing everything up. From the very start, a crucial mistake, groundbreaking in a bad way, if you can’t watch anything, why would you stay on this place?

TSMate is superior in every way possible, and you even get a better price tag for the original item, who could have guessed. The solution is obvious, if you’ve got a hunger for some tight waists and long schlongs, then spare your precious time by heading straight to TSMate instead of a cheap copy.