Having a tranny porn site whenever you’re feeling like getting handy sounds like fun, but after some time it gets repetitive, and you feel like it’s just more of the same. It’s time you switch to something authentic, where your every visit changes from the last one, and you get to alter the course of a show.

For all you who dare to tread some new waters, shemale cams are more relevant than ever. Here you get to decide what kind of a chick with the dick, you’re playing and communicating with, and she will do as you please in the live chat, all in real-time, an experience akin to the realistic one.

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HungHannahTS is one of the most beautiful t-girls performing, but that’s not the best thing about her, it’s all in the way she’s able to fulfill your yearnings. Do you want her to sensually seduce you with her lavish curves? If yes, then that’s what you’re going to get, a sexy striptease show to get your blood flow redirected towards the craving member.

Some need a lot of toys to entertain, but not her, she’s got only one, a big dildo, and it’s used as a last-ditch effort to make you cum in this webcam session. Her massive cock will have your full attention, and she will show you how easy it is to self-suck.

As agile as she is, wrapping those red-hot lips around her cock is a piece of cake, and she’ll blow it thoroughly, almost deepthroating. If you really want to see her choking, then she’ll bring out her toy, and stick it so deep that you’ll hear all the gurgling, while she salivates profusely on.

You’re still holding on? It’s time she pounds her bleached asshole while stroking that massive prick simultaneously. You’ll jerk off without holdbacks, viciously beating your meat, while she squirms from the anal stimulation, barely able to keep her cool, so make sure to try harder and you two will cum in unison.

I’m sure all of you who love to be dominated will adore MissXenah, in fact, you will worship this strict tranny because she’s one fierce domme in the cam chat. Wearing her latex outfit, she will proudly present all her lavish curves as it clings to her skin, and a thick bulge between the legs, marking her dick.

Shemale BDSM Cams Chat

Let’s see what you’ve got, the only way she can measure you is by your “pride”, but don’t be surprised if it turns out to be your shame. As big as it is, it’s not going to surpass the size of her schlong, and you will never hear the end of her morally degrading you.

You should consider yourself lucky that she’s not placing you in shackles and mercilessly whipping your cock and balls during a live shemale webcam chat with you. Instead, she’ll go for the heavier punishment, you will be turned into her sissy, looking like the very thing you are attracted to, but a cheap, worn-out version.

She’ll make you wear a girly dress, complete with hot pink panties and full make-up. You will have to grab a dildo and practice your blowjob skills while she’s swinging her dick in front of you, making you suck it the best you can. Then you’ll slide the panties sideways, and ride the toy while moaning out what a dirty little slut you are until she’s satisfied and busts a nut.

The best way to enjoy these tranny babes is by going for a live cam2cam chat and reaping the full benefits of their stunning bodies and personalities. Just like you, they also like to see the things unfold, be it by ordering you, or just watching you jerk off together with them.

For every desire you have there’s a model who’s more than willing to act upon it, the core value of shemale cams lies in your satisfaction, and a t-girl of your choice will be the one to deliver the pleasures.

Tranny Feet JOI Cams

Have you ever felt like no one was ever able to sate your obsession with soles and actually deliver on that killer footjob? You’re not alone, that was me not so long ago, at least before I’ve discovered these amazing tranny feet JOI cams. You must be thinking “what’s so awesome about it?” and you’re entirely right, you should ask all those questions before deciding on your own.

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Shemale Foot Domination Cams

Honestly, it’s about petite, slender girls with rock-hard dicks, which are extremely hard to find in the wild, and the ability to pick the ones who are best suited with your kinks. In this case, it’s jerk off instructions with feet, these t-girls made me feel like I was right there, my cock getting juiced out with their pedicured feet, absolute perfection.

I couldn’t recommend ValeriaQueenx more, she’s just perfect with those Latina genes, equally blessed with a big tool. Although a slender waist and frail upper body, she’s got a massive booty, which should come as no surprise. But when you see her tanned legs stretching all the way down, your look will freeze at the delicious toes.

She’s got the toenails painted white, to make a beautiful contrast with her tanned skin. I can’t lie, my cock was already bursting to get out of the pants and get stroked, but I’ve composed myself. I’ve waited until she started massaging her tender soles with extra sensitive oil so they’re super slick.

Then this tgirl takes a dildo and places it right between her feet in this live JOI webcam chat, positioning it in my line of sight, which made my blood boil. She whispers in a kinky kind of voice “you do what I do” while playing with the tip. I’ve made sure to follow her every move playing with my cock just like how she’s instructing me with simple visual guidance.

I can imagine the scent of those tender, skilled feet of hers, and the way it evaporates as she starts grinding her feet faster on that cock. You would be mesmerized as well, especially once everything takes a sharp turn and she starts jerking off as well, changing from fast to slow, edging you and stopping at the brink of an orgasm. Once she lets go of all the restraints, you know a big cumshot is on its way, and it’s happening on both ends of the show.

From time to time it pays off to let a shemale cutie with stunning feet gain more control, not only over your cock, but over your whole body. TanyaFoxDoll is one of those who are able to successfully arouse you with her feet, which you’ll worship in multiple ways before she lets you jerk off.

You have to prove yourself, so make sure to kneel and beg for her to show you those feet so you can lick them. She wants to hear those sweet words, the ones that give her a big boner, after all, she wants to be pleased first. Once they’re in front of you, you’ll be stunned by such beauty, tiny, cute feet, just for you.

Caress them, lick them, suck on those toes like you’re blowing her stiff dick during JOI cam shows, and she will let you whip yours out as well. It’s going to be hard, maybe even harder than hers, and you’ll be allowed to use two fingers to stroke it. Slowly pull the foreskin below your tip, and then let it go back on its own.

You’ve fallen under her spell, those arousing feet are still up in your face, and you can’t take your eyes off them. Even when you’re commanded to stop and let go of your cock, she’ll keep on teasing you with feet.

She even makes sure to cum on her feet and show you what they look like covered in cock juice. The simple thought of creaming them will make you reach a point of no return, she even commands you to jerk off with a full fist, and it results in an eruption of your hot spunk.

Shemales, feet, jerk off instructions, all of those together result in a chaotic state of mind where you use your cock for thinking. It’s the only thing you need on these live feet JOI cams to be completely honest. You’re here to sate your filthy needs, and these tranny babes are the only ones who will be fully open-minded with you.

It doesn’t matter if you want to watch them tease you and give you some simple advice on how to jerk off, or you need a full-blown domina to guide you. This is where you sate your hunger for a specific combination of fetishes, and you deserve to treat yourself to something so arousing.

Shemale Nylon Cam Rooms

Is your mind obsessed with sexy models who wear nylons on their slick legs? You crave to caress them, bow before those legs and feel the fabric of pantyhose rubbing against your face while her cock is ripping through. You can witness their greatness on our shemale nylon cam rooms, and not only that, you can become their slave.

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Shemale Pantyhose Cams Chat

Serve your nylon mistress the way she wants, suck on her toes and get that hosiery soaked up in your spit before she stuffs your mouth with them. If you’re lucky she’ll leave a pre-cum stain on them so you can get a taste of a big cock. That’s unless she makes you deepthroat while keeping your cock in check, locked down with a chastity device.

There is something extremely arousing about BarbiedollBrittney, maybe it’s the fact that she’s a teen tranny, and already looks like a total blonde bombshell. With some nylons, she’s perfection, there’s hardly anyone who can top her in terms of looks, and the way she teases is otherworldly, just look and see.

Feast your eyes on her thigh-high nylons, watch her bend over, showing off that perfectly round booty at the same time while taking off her heels. Then you see them in live video chat sessions, her tender feet, so beautiful, it’s obvious even under her black pantyhose, and you’re just lusting to lick them, even more so when she starts teasing you.

Look at that dildo in front of her as she pours oil on it, you can’t even start to imagine how skillfully she wraps her legs around them along with the nylons. The tenderness of her soles, combined with the silky material that covers them is what dreams are made of, and this one is quickly turning into a reality.

To make matters even more heated, she whips out her cock, which is rock hard and starts stroking it along with you. The more you’re absorbing the whole show, the closer you are to an orgasm, but so is she. There’s only one way this should end, and she’s more than ready to blow her load on your mark which is going to soak up the pantyhose.

Or would you rather an experienced shemale MILF like KaylinDelicious sets limits to your uncontrollable urges for her pantyhosed legs on this sex webcam site. She’ll give you a set amount of strokes per minute, it can be 10, 5, 1, maybe more, sometimes none, so you’re slowly getting aroused, edging yourself the way she wants.

No matter how much you get teased, she’s still your muse, and you will endure it all. This babe takes no chances, she doesn’t want a weak man to think he can get easily pleasured on her show, you’ll have to work hard for that honor. You will bend over for her, while she’s viciously spanking your booty and whipping it as well.

The sweat starts pouring, and her nylons get soaked in it, look at what you made her do. Now it’s your mess to clean up, so get ready to lick her dirty pantyhose from top to bottom. You’ll suck her toes along with the nylons, her soles, each and every corner of that salty fabric that’s dirty because of you.

No matter how repulsed by it you get, she’ll insist on having her nylon feet cleaned thoroughly. That’s your role, you’re a slave who does all the dirty work, gets his shemale mistress horny enough in her live private room so that thick cock between her legs can get stiff as a rock. And guess who’s going to keep on sucking while she’s cumming? That’s right, you are, and no matter how much you plead she has all the right not to let you reach an orgasm.

Are you looking for something like these babes? They’re naturally gifted entertainers, if it takes to perform a striptease, spank their ass, or even rip those nylons so a stiff cock could probe their bunghole, they will do it. They’ve got all kinds of pantyhose, your job is to just select the ones which are granted to bring you satisfaction.

Even if you’re a sub and like to play dirty on these shemale nylon cams, you can get punished by hosiery-wearing dommes, who are as ruthless as you can imagine. Tell them all your nylon kinks, do you want to get choked by them while taking a stiff cock from a t-girl? The list of possibilities is endless, so make sure to use your imagination.

Trans Webcam Model Rooms

Every time you’ve got a burning desire for super hot trans webcam models, you should turn to the one and only source of ultimate adult entertainment. Live chat rooms are here for you, the place where you can pick and choose a chick with a dick, and have her sate your kinks and fetishes.

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Shemale Cam2Cam Sex

Their hungers can’t be easily sated, so you’ll have to push them to the very limits, play with their tight bungholes until they’re gaping, and busting fat nuts for you. Or you can get totally filthy, bind yourself in ropes, clip your nipples, pound that tight ass with dildos, and do whatever else a t-girl demands because you want to feed the masochist in you.

AmiRides is a total cougar, the wavy-haired blonde, with perfect round titties, and a will to please. She will wear nothing but fishnet lingerie and move those hips around in circular motion while caressing her nipples for you. She twists them and moans because it gets her cock rock hard, and she wants no other than you to jerk off with.

Once you’re in a private sex chat, she’ll keep performing the striptease, slowly stripping the bits of lingerie off her slender body until you’re equally aroused. Come on, grip your cock and stroke it with her, watch her lips pucker up as this tranny cam slut is lubing her cock up with saliva, and watch it get bigger and bigger like there’s no end to its size.

Once it reaches the impressive 8 inches, you’ll feel an electrifying sensation coursing through your body, and making your bunghole pucker up. Can you already imagine riding her cock while you’re passionately kissing? It would certainly feel orgasmic just having that massive shaft stretching you and sliding in and out during your time together.

Then she’ll bend over and slide her panties all the way down, revealing a tight firm ass that craving to get pounded. It makes you stroke faster, especially once she plunges a dildo deep inside, all while jerking off together with you. For the grand finale, she’s craving to face your way so you can synergize and reach an orgasm at the same moment, spreading the semen all over yourself like it’s shooting from a fire hose.

While passionate moments aren’t her thing, Natasha_summer sure knows how to bend a man to her will. This shemale fetish model will make you serve her, this girl wants nothing but praise, so feed her ego. She’ll whip out her big cock in her domination webcam room and tease you with it, showing off the very thing you will never have, instead you’ve got that acorn prick.

Even the cigarette she’s holding between her fingers and lighting up is bigger. To make matters even worse for you, she’s comparing that thing with the lighter. No surprise, it’s still smaller, but yet here you are, a little sissy bitch, thinking a superior t-girl like her would bend over and let your dicklet tickle her ass cheeks because that’s as far as it’s going to reach.

In between all the scolding and laughing, she blackmails you by taking pictures, and then you’re under her control. It’s time to become her sissy, after all, you would definitely look more like a girl from the waist down with pink panties on, there’s nothing worth hiding down there. She even orders you to put on some make-up, which will no doubt look sloppy and slutty.

You will get spanked, forced to perform a sexy striptease with your nipples clipped, all the humiliating things that satisfy your mistress in her live sex chat. If she wants to, you will be ordered to gape your “pussy” with a monster dildo, and your pecker licked in a chastity cage. The height of it happens once she starts ejaculating, smearing your face with cum, and then leaving you without orgasm as a harsh lesson, at least until you come back to her crawling.

There’s no doubt about it, these models are quite versatile in what they can do, but there’s much more where they came from. T-girls from all walks of life, performing in one place so you don’t have to snoop around and search for other places to really please your desires to the fullest.

Just like you, they’re here to gain some pleasure, which is the primary reason why you’ll be able to fit in with these babes. And let’s not forget that trans webcam model rooms don’t have limitations to what can be done, if there’s something you never was able to fulfill sexually so far, now you can.

GoShemaleCams.com Site Review

TSMate Shemale Cam Site

Have you ever wondered why some cam sites are not doing all that great? Well, you might find an answer here because GoShemaleCams.com is the prime example. I’m not saying this in a snarky kind of way, this site needs some work on it before it’s even ready to offer the models, but as a lot of things go on the internet, half-baked goods are circulating around.

It’s not all bland, there are some qualities behind this shemale cam site, and I’ll make sure to include them. While they might be on a good path, it’s definitely not enough, which is why I’ll tell you right now, off the bat, that you should spend your time on some other, established sites, my suggestion would be TSMate.com, but first, let’s see why!

First Look at GoShemaleCams

It’s a tale as old as mankind, the first thing a user is impacted by is the site design. No matter how much porn connoisseurs like myself have said it, certain webmasters refuse to put the effort into their sites and make it look bearable at least. White on white won’t work for live sex sites, simply because you’re most likely to watch these sites in dark, on your PC.

You don’t want all that whiteness blasting in your face, even if it’s broad daylight, it’s just not a good idea. Here, though, I would assign it to laziness, maybe even ignorance because mistakes like these are easily fixable. Maybe I’m just being picky, or you could say that it’s a pet peeve of mine, but using the word “Starlet” for a model on their shemale big black cock cams is kind of not appropriate.

You’ll see it plastered above model chats on the homepage and a few other places in the text. Why not just use “model”, “performer”, or any other title to address them. Still, it’s not that grim, if we glance over these issues, of which the second one is more of a personal preference, GoShemaleCams design-wise is user-friendly, which is always a good thing.

Models and All You Should Know

I would say that models here are really beautiful, you won’t find a single one of them that’s below average that’s for sure. While, as we all know it, transsexual webcam beauties are mostly Asian or Latina beauties, there doesn’t seem to be that much diversity. You’re hardly going to find some hotties from the USA or Europe.

Is it mandatory? No, it isn’t, but I like my shemale ladies of various backgrounds just to keep things fresh and experience some new things from time to time. This way it can feel stale after quite some time, believe me, I’ve been around, tried things, and it’s infinitely better if you can experiment.

That’s one of the reasons why other sites have more success, just like SM. There’s also the thing about numbers. TSMate has more as well, so it’s naturally going to be superior. If you’re a simple type, then sure, maybe this site would work for you, but I would advise against it one way or another when there are much better options.

The Ins and Outs of Private Shows

Everything leads to this special moment, and it might end up not so special. It’s kind of like meeting your heroes, usually, they’re not what you expect them to be, and the same could be said for these girls at GoShemaleCams. Beauty doesn’t automatically make them master entertainers, or pleasant to chat with either.

Some of them had a really bad attitude as if I should just go in tranny private cam shows and get what they think I should get, disregarding my desires, or just ignoring them. There were a few good girls, but honestly, nothing to raise an eyebrow over, in fact, they made me sleepy so I had to go to other sites like TSMate to remind myself what private shows are all about.

Then there’s the pricing, oh boy, you won’t like it. Simply said, these girls overcharge for their mediocre service. Some even charge around $10 for a minute, with the average being somewhat lower, which is not low enough. It wouldn’t be an issue if you’re getting premium entertainment, but the reality is that you’ll get anything but.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are some things GoShemaleCams is going right, but don’t let that fool you into wasting your money and time here. There is a whole lot they need to work on, sadly too much to make it worth a visit, especially for a beginner because you might get the wrong picture about live chat sites in general.

That’s why you should take a look at TSMate, that and many other reasons like more models, cheaper prices, better overall value, and let’s not forget, a whole lot more kinks and fetishes included. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular tranny sex cam sites, and I hope you’ll have the same experience as many other users like myself.

Live Tranny Private Webcams

We all know how exciting tight bungholes are, they’re a total turn-on, and there is no one out there who can please your anal cravings better than shemale models. With live tranny webcam sessions you’re not only getting a serious pounding, but you’ll also get to play with these feminine sluts and their rock-hard cocks.

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Shemale Anal Dildo Webcam Chat

They will even sprinkle the private chat shows with some erotic seduction, but then again, who doesn’t love to be fully prepared before they’re banging? Maybe all you dirty fetish enjoyers, you know what we’re talking about, straight to spanking and domination, cuffs around your ankles, and a lusty t-girl mistress brandishing her cock like an assault rifle, which you’ll choke on.

But let’s first take a look at Beautiful_moon1992, a Latina tranny, and they’re something special for sure. With all the naturally gifted physical proportions, they make for some of the hottest shemale models in the business. And then you’ve got this hottie, who’s out of this world with her big booty, massive tits, and an equally impressive cock.

The tight yoga pants she’s wearing are hardly an obstruction, they’re clenching to her delicate skin, so she can give you a preview of all those curves and bumps. You’re going to observe as she’s bending over and sliding the yoga pants down for a quick flash of her trunk. The harder your cock gets, the harder she’s spanking herself and making that booty jiggle.

A certain heat overcomes your body, the blood is boiling in you, especially down in your crotch because your boner is too hard and eager to get used. You wrap your hands around it and start slowly stroking on these sex cams while she’s perking her ass even closer to you, and riling her long nails in yoga pants, so she can rip it up right where the bunghole is.

The grip on your cock gets harder from the sight of her jiggly ass, and you’re stroking your cock even faster as she moves a finger inside her booty hole. Loud moans are soon replaced by screams of pleasure once she slides a dildo inside her, jerking off together with you, and building up a serious orgasm. 

Then you’ve got KarlaBroms, a slender, but dominant tranny model, who loves to fuck her sissy boys hard, or at least until their booty gapes. Sounds like your type? Then let’s see what she’s got in store for you! Get nude for her in a private show, and stand still, she’s going to judge your tiny cock, and not only that, it’s going to be ridiculed.

What kind of a man thinks he’s a man with such a micropenis? You’re nothing but a little sissy, who’s going to get taught what a proper dick feels like. She’ll hogtie you, slam you on the floor, and demand you suck her nuts. Lick those shaved balls like they’re two scoops of gelato, and get her cock stiff from it.

Then she’ll put lipstick on you and make you suck her big cock. She wants it painted red from how you’re blowing in the live private BDSM webcam session, wrap those lips around her schlong, and surrender to the sweet pleasures only a tgirl domme like her can offer. Once your throat is violated, she’ll untie you, and get you even more humiliated.

Your body will get blessed with some girly clothes, for starters pink panties and a colorful dress, and then she’ll tell you all about what a slut you are. Then you’ll get bent over, those panties slid sideways, and fucked hard. I can bet it feels good to be handled like that, if that’s what you’re thinking at the moment, then you’re ready to blow your own cock, and cum in your mouth for her.

It doesn’t matter what part of our live shemale cam2cam shows you enjoy the most, each corner of this site is filled with girls who can do a better job at making you orgasm than anyone else. Sure, you can even be a dom, make these trannies worship your dick while theirs is in a chastity lock, and then do all kinds of filth to them because it fulfills you.

Some will even do kinky foreplay in the live chat, the kind that gets your imagination running wild, and makes all kinds of scenarios pop up in your head. Despite everything we’re certain of, you’re going to need some reassurance, and there is no better way than taking a peek yourself and witnessing greatness in motion, right before your starry eyes.

Shemale Anal Toy Cams

Care to see some hot trannies banging their bungholes with various toys? Although dildos are the common thing to see around live sex chat sites, they can spice it up with different sizes, or use some kinkier toys. There are a lot of ways you can enjoy shemale anal toy cams, so don’t settle for anything short of perfect, whatever that would be in your book.

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Shemale Anal Toy Cams

When it comes to models, their booties are delicious, we all love us some juicy behinds, but there’s something in going balls deep in a small, tight ass. They will bend over and spread the cheeks so you can take a good long look at those winking bungholes hungry for some drilling, they’re waiting for you to take charge.

EvelineTS is one of those petite hotties, tanned, tattooed, with a face of an angel, which is a fine addition to her firm behind. She loves wearing mini skirts, the ones that stretch around her ass and leave it half-exposed. Her red panties are going to give you a serious boner, but they’re hiding something underneath.

She lifts the dress up, perks her ass towards you, and slides those panties sideways to reveal a buttplug that’s preparing her for a journey of a lifetime on the ShemaleCamChats.com website. Her sphincter stretches around the plug as she plucks it out, trying to tighten up, but what she really wants is to spread it out further with a dildo.

Eveline licks it while saying how much she wants to feel your cock inside her, at the same time stroking her cock. The more she’s aroused during a live anal dildo session, the harder her bunghole is trembling, but it’s going to be sated once this tgirl proves herself with the dildo. It goes inside her, inch by an inch, it’s halfway in, but she feels like it’s not enough of a challenge.

You see her reaching for a bigger one, placing it underneath her, and slowly sliding her asshole on top. It’s going slower, but a couple of strokes, and she’s going all-in, screaming from the pleasure of such a monster that’s pounding her. Both her ass and cock are throbbing, she’s cumming, in what seems to be a river of jizz, which is not surprising considering the amount of pleasure she’s feeling.

In the spirit of Latin America, ShantalBlonde has a massive trunk, which paired up with her toy obsession and submissiveness is a winning combination for all dominant guys out there. She wants to beg to be fucked, you can play with her ass however you want, as long as she does what pleases you.

It could be some simple spanking so those cheeks get burning red, but we’re not here for that, are we? It’s all about the brown hole in the middle, which you’ll fuck without mercy once this tranny slave least expects it. Go for some anal hooks, one side is lodged in her ass, while the other gets tied around her neck.

The moment she moves her head, the deeper it’s going in, but just to make it a challenge, you can torture her nipples, cock and balls, or any other thing. At one point she’s going to whimper on the tranny anal toy webcams and ask you to stop, but let’s not fool ourselves, you know she likes it. Regardless, everything is fun for a bit, and then the hype winds down, so it’s time to use something else.

Vibrating anal beads are a good precursor, they’re going to test the depth of her anal cavity, and the vibrations are going to get her cock rock hard. She’ll practically beg you at this point, at least to let her jerk off, but that’s not an option. You’ll see the pre-cum leaking from the tip of her penis, that’s how horny she is.

Once you’re tired of her whining, it’s time to ball-gag her and use some massive dildos on that ass. You make her lie down, with the juicy ass lifted up higher, so you have full access. The 15-incher slams her bunghole, the ballgag is not enough to cover her disobedient pleading for mercy, so you push it further in gaping her behind. 

Despite everything, she’s still about to cum, but that little piece of heaven is going to get stripped away, once you command her to orgasm only if she’s planning on eating every last drop of her semen.

Are there some toys we haven’t mentioned? Well of course there are, some of these ladies simply hide their best for the most dedicated, respectful customers. If you’re one of those who knows how to treat a big dick lady, then you’re more than welcome to shemale anal toy cam site.

Get yourself ready for some incredible performances because you certainly deserve them, watch these babes gape their bungholes for you, and applaud them for a perfect piece of entertainment, and more is coming your way.

Shemalecams.sex Review

Trannycam.com Live Trans Chat Site

Like it or not, we’re on the brink of originality, a lot of live sex chat sites nowadays are nothing but clones, and Shemalecams.sex falls under that category. Despite that, there are some questions that need to be answered, maybe things aren’t all that bad, maybe it’s worth checking out, or maybe there’s nothing worth sticking around for.

Before we get into the review, you should know that as the original site, TSMate.com, is one of the best tranny cam sites out there, so there’s a lot to be taken into consideration. Those are big shoes to fill, and not only that, Shemalecams needs to outshine TSMate in order to elevate themselves as a clear-cut fan favorite, can it even be done?

Interface, New VS Old

If you want to copy, at least do it properly, which doesn’t seem to be what Shemalecams.sex went for. The whole pusher has a bit of an outdated design, the white background, somewhat too sharp colors that honestly will make your eyes hurt, topped off with a lot of quality of life features missing.

And that’s just by taking a glance at both, it doesn’t look all sunshine and rainbows for now, and I’m afraid it won’t be any better the deeper we go. There is also an incorrect number of models online listed, standing at 2000+, when in fact it couldn’t be any farter from truth, which shows signs of neglect.

On TSMate, however, you will feel a lot more welcomed, everything feels more vibrant, despite the fact that the same models are showing up on both video chat sites. There is also an automatic preview implemented when you hover with the cursor over a model, and model country of origin, which you won’t see on the copycat.

Models, Are They All the Same?

First of all, you’ll have to find all the shemale fetish webcam models that fit your description. Shemalecams has a couple of options you can choose from, but they all feel lackluster because you’re stuck with some plain selections that hardly make you able to narrow it down. TSMate instead has a richer drop-menu selection, and you can check all the boxes you want to suit yourself better.

Regardless, when I did choose all the filters on both these sites, it dawned on me that maybe they’re not the same at all. There was a vastly different number of models, and a lot of them were excluded from the copy site. What’s the reason behind it? I guess we’ll never know, but it keeps getting uglier.

Even the quality of live streams isn’t the same, there’s a significant drop-off in pixel count, to the point where some shows aren’t enjoyable on Shemalecams. Along with that, of course, go with the shortened chat options and features. Everything about this site seems like a poor man’s TSMate, where no one but customers suffer.

Other Noticeable Differences

Truth be told, models are still models, they do their fair share of live tranny private shows, and they do it good, but such a simple thing as a site you’re viewing them on can make it or break it. It should be taken into consideration that you’re paying the same amount of money per minute, and it isn’t equally justified on both ends.

Customer support is another major player with any site, not just cam sites, especially because there is money involved. There might be an issue that you can’t solve yourself, like mismanaging your funds, or not being properly treated during a show, you never know, and the difference makers are the guys that work hard to right all the wrongs.

When you try to contact them on Shemalecams.sex, well, good luck, because it’s going to take some time if you even manage to reach them. TSMate deals with their customers differently. I’ve never had to wait more than a minute to be accompanied by someone on the other end, and all my matters were quickly resolved.


If you’re fine with a messy homepage and lack of filtering choices, if you don’t mind having fewer models at your disposal and worse video streaming quality, then go ahead, visit Shemalecams.sex. But if you would rather go to the very source and get everything as it’s meant to be, then TSMate is a clear winner.

Of course, we already know what it’s going to be since no one in their right mind would choose a bad copy instead of the original, and for the same price. TSMate still stands victorious over all other shemale sex cam sites, and it especially holds true for such low-effort cash grabs like this one.

Shemale Big Black Cock Cams

What happens when you combine a BBC with feminine curves? Well, you’re about to see for yourself on these shemale big black cock cams. With hotties so energetic and hung like these you’re going to beg to suck them off, that is, unless they stick it down your throat and make you suck it until you’re gasping for breath.

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That’s right, they can go hard, or they can be your erotic one-night stand, and you’ll have the honor of choosing the one that’s suited for your tastes. So get yourself ready with all the kinky toys and a bucket of lube because those bungholes are about to be fucked so good that they’re going to gape.

Shemale Big Black Cock Cams

Zarah_Sweet is your lovely muse, the one who loves it when a man comments on her big dick, especially if you stare at her crotch and notice that those tight panties are barely holding it inside. Send a couple of sweet words her way in a private sex chat and she will melt like ice cream; do you want to take a lick?

She’ll take the lingerie off, revealing her bubble butt, and most importantly, that black chocolate treat. Her manicured fingers go along it from the base to tip, and then back while moaning out how much she wants to stroke it for you during a cam2cam session. The excitement is mutual, that’s for sure, and you won’t be able to hold your hands off your cock either.

Her perky titties jiggle while she’s jerking off, especially once she starts going faster. She’s ready to bust a fat load, and not only is it going to be creamy and big, but she’ll also do it in sync with you. It’s far from over for both of you, and for the repeat, she wants to pick up the pace, do something special for you.

Her plump lips need a stiff cock, and seeing how elastic she is, and that cock is so delicious, it’s time for a self-sucking adventure. She’ll twist and bend over until the position is just right, she’s going to have more than the tip inside her mouth, even deepthroating at times until she creampies her slutty mouth and makes you cum once again.

Having a big black cock comes with a responsibility, and babes like CassyGoddess use it to establish dominance on this webcam site. This curvy ebony shemale is blessed with a meaty cock besides those jiggly tits and a massive booty. She’s the full package, and you’re going to respect her, after all, you’re the one who’s inferior here.

Once the masks fall, she’ll see that you’re yet another small cock loser, whose only purpose will be to serve her. She proudly slams her fuck stick on the table, laughing at your micropenis, it’s hilarious that there’s such a difference. Meanwhile, you’ll hear all about what a sad excuse for a man you are with that dicklet the size of a AAA battery.

There certainly are ways to make you humiliated, and she won’t hold back from using them. Starting with slaps across your face with her schlong so you feel the weight of it, and then turning you over and spanking your booty cheeks with it in her live video chat room. Don’t you wish to feel a real dick inside you? She knows your deepest desires, you’re a sissy slut who needs to be dominated.

You will do everything she demands, from holding your tiny cock in a bucket of ice, to dressing up as a female just so she could tell you that you’re both ugly and tiny. All the power is overtaking her mind, she gets drunk with it and makes you watch as she jerks off while you can’t even touch yours. Watch closely while she’s playing with herself because after she’s done cumming on the floor, you will lick it all up.

That’s all you need to know about models on shemale big black cock cams, there are no limits to filth at their shows. Considering how hung they are, you’ll be on the floor bending over and calling out for them to fuck your booty while your hands are cuffed to the bed frame, and there is no way out until you get drilled doggystyle.

BBCs like these ladies possess are breathtaking, sometimes literally because you’ll find a lot of dominant babes. It all comes down to orgasms, and whether you’re in control or a sex slave, cocks this big will bring you pleasure every time, especially because they’re attached to sey girls with big behinds and thin waists.

Kinky Tranny Cam Rooms

It’s always a good idea to enhance your session with a t-girl with something dirty and exciting for a change, and these hot babes have a load of ideas to go around in these kinky tranny cam rooms. If you’ve hit a brick wall and got bored with the same old vanilla stuff, then they’re perfect, just let a model control the session, and you’ll more than likely be pleased.

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Shemale Dominatrix Webcam Chat

If you like roleplay shows, for example, then your jaw will drop to the floor once she slides into a uniform of a hot schoolgirl and flirts with you by flashing that perky ass. No matter which model you choose, they will be ready to perform anything you crave, from using big dildos, buttplugs, and other toys, to blindfolding herself and sucking multiple cocks at once.

Wetdreams_Nicole is one of many blonde stunners you’ll have the chance to choose from, and she might be just the thing you need. Dressed in a spandex catsuit and high heels, with every curve and bump on her body marked on it, she’s equally horny as you are, and her free thinking can be attributed to all the kinks being fulfilled.

She’ll turn her attention towards a dildo and hold it in her hands steadily, licking the tip as if it’s your trembling cock, until she slides it inside her mouth and deepthroats. When you’re rock hard, she will demand to see just how big it is, so go ahead and whip your meat out on these fetish webcam shows. Isn’t that something, a proper cock for a tranny like her, and she’s got an idea you would definitely love.

This leggy babe takes her bodysuit off and tells you to come closer with her finger, pointing down at the slick legs and tender feet you’ve been looking at for so long. She tells you to lick her thighs while holding your head and pushing it down towards the feet, where you’ll clean her soles with your tongue, and suck every one of her toes like a good little bitch.

That same vibrator will serve as your cock, but her tastes are bigger, she needs another one inside her booty for some rough double dicking. The only difference is, she won’t allow you to jerk off until you can’t hold it back anymore. Right when you’ve lost all hope, she extends her feet and wraps them around your cock, a dozen strokes and you’ll bust every last drop of your nut milk.

With JessikaGoddess you’re guaranteed something spicier, she’s a beautiful Asian shemale who craves to find herself a submissive man, and you might be the lucky guy. But what is it that she does? Don’t worry, there won’t be anything that might put you off in the live kinky video chat rooms, she just wants to be worshipped for her glorious body, and have fun with you, just as much as you would with her.

The longer you kneel and shower her with compliments, the better for you. If you’re dedicated, she will tease you with her booty, which is wide open under a mini skirt. Her tight brown hole is so inviting, but first you need to do something for her, take your pants off and bend so your booty is exposed.

You will get spanked, and every time she strikes you, that cock will get stiffer. Then you’ll be rope tied and unable to move, while she makes you eat her ass out. But even that is not enough, she wants to see just how hard you want to cum, and getting your throat stuffed with a dildo and choking on it might do the trick.

Surely by now you could have anticipated that she’ll pound your ass with that rubber cock on these cam2cam sites. She lifts you up with your face against the wall, slams you against it, and spreads out your buns. That bunghole is ripe for hardcore drilling, all the while she’s moaning in your ear, and jerking your cock off with the other hand until all the stimulation makes you jizz.

With kinky tgirl cam rooms you know that you’re in good hands of dirty-minded chicks with dicks. They’re no stranger to seducing a man, and they love it when you get all horny, like a raging bull that can’t wait to impale someone on his horn. What they thrive in, is the moment they get to realize all your kinks.

These babes are no strangers to self-sucking, have you ever seen someone bend so far to blow their own cock? It’s a sight to behold, especially if you’re dominant and love to have the upper hand in erotic situations. Whether you know what you want, or would rather take suggestions, there are a bunch of kinks to explore and try out with cock-craving tranny models.

Shemale High Heels Cam Shows

As a high heels aficionado, you’re guaranteed to get off on charming shemale models who will have you begging to be stepped on. When they’re not stroking their cocks and fulfilling your dirtiest heels-related fetishes, these hosts are practicing their skills and coming up with new ways to make a private cam session full of action.

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Whether they’re feeling especially sexy and wear red heels with short stilettos, or dominant by putting on a pair of black thigh-high ones, it’s up to them. There is a huge collection to choose from, and you’ll get to have a say because your cock needs to get rock hard and juiced out, but don’t worry, they aren’t going to leave without an orgasm either.

Shemale High Heels Cam Shows

Anal_IvyTS loves all kinds of heels, but she’s the biggest fan of really tall ones. Considering she’s petite, it helps with making her look sexier and more attractive to men, while at the same time she can use the stiletto instead of a toy. You will get a burning desire to see her in action, especially once you notice those pink 10-inch high platformed heels.

What’s even better is that her feet are wide open since the heels are tied with straps, leaving enough room for you to adore her. She will caress the slick legs starting from the thighs on the ShemaleCamChats site, and moving her hands downwards until they reach the ankles and those cute wiggling toes.

Her goal is to seduce you, and by the looks of it, she’s on a good path, so show her how stiff your dick is. In return, you’ll get to see hers as well, but what she really wants to show you is how hungry her booty is. She takes off one heel gently and starts sucking on the stiletto seductively during a live tranny fetish webcam show, all while moaning and talking about how she wants to be fucked.

She intends to keep going by lifting her legs up and exposing her booty hole so you can feast your eyes on it. The stiletto probes her ass, and it goes deeper, she doesn’t back out until it’s fully inside, all ten inches. This t-girl is bent on impaling herself for you, imagining how you’d drill her relentlessly until she’s cumming on her own tits.

High heels could also be a sign of empowerment, especially if you’re craving for a tranny mistress like DommeJessicah. This Asian babe is rocking leathered heels that encase her legs all the way up inside her skirt, making them look like a part of her. She loves to tower over her subs, and show them who the alpha is over here.

Combine her arousing yet dominant look with a strapping cock, and you’re in for a night of slave training that will leave you her private pet project. Sure, you might enjoy bowing before her and kissing her heels in the cam room, but she will make you respect her by utilizing them as a torture device.

You’ll lick them thoroughly, she can’t just use a dirty piece of equipment, it wouldn’t be hygienic. Once they’re clean spotless from bottom to top, you’ll be commanded to show what you’ve got packing down there, which will inevitably result in laughs and humiliation. Honestly, if there were no nuts there, she would have a hard time believing you’re a man at all.

She makes you spread the legs while laying down on the floor, while she stomps with heels closer and closer to your genitals. Once you least expect it, she’ll kick them so you can feel that heavenly leather material on you, up close and personal.

The torture not only keeps going until you squeal like a pig, but she makes you jerk off in a pair of heels, which at this point is painful, and then forces you to wear them. All along she’s calling you a sissy bitch, demanding you ride a dildo with your ass like a cheap slut, and jerking off freely just because she can.

If you want the best shemale high heels cams, then you’re at the right place, there are plenty of models from all around the world, competing, and keeping the shows fresh every time you decide to treat yourself to a heel fetish show.

The collections only keep growing, and they don’t mind getting some new ones just for you unless you want them to be real dirty and demand you buy them as a gift. Either way, the more high heels, the better, and you’ll definitely find a pair you like attached to some arousing feet.

Tranny Fetish Webcam Models

What are your kinks? Do you ever dream of a big dick tranny bending you over, spanking your ass, and shoving her cock deep inside your bunghole? Or do you want to get bound by a mistress who’s smoking a cigarette, and get dominated in all filthy ways? Then don’t let it be just a fantasy, take a ride into the night of pleasure with tranny fetish webcam models, and grant yourself the full experience with lusty dommes.

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Tranny Latex Webcam Chat

Do you have some hidden desires with hung chicks? Don’t let your dreams be that, turn them into a reality with tranny fetish webcam models who are craving the same thing you are. A night full of pleasure, mainly hers, with you bent over, spanked, and left to beg for her massive cock to pound you hard.

They’re versed in various fetishes, so tell them what your desire is, and soon enough you’ll be in that moment you have dreamt of for so long. There are shemale models all around the world waiting for their fleshy sex toy, a real human being who’s going to sate their deprived sexual cravings, and all because they still view you as an object.

ScarletSexy is a tall beauty, equipped with the most perfectly round set of tits you’re going to drool over. What could a man like you do to rise up to her level, she’s obviously way out of your league, but here she is, and there are some ideas already coursing through her mind. You’re staring at the way she’s sitting in a chair and crossing her slick, tanned legs, so sexy, yet unattainable.

She’s thinking of ways to bend you to her will, and teasing is just the start. Watching her fondle herself over the tight lingerie is exciting to you, but seeing her spread those sexy legs and revealing a hairy cock is an orgasmic surprise during live fetish cams. You’re instantly commanded to bow before her, while she reaches with her hand towards your chin and lifts your head up so you’re eye-to-eye.

Suddenly your face takes a hit as she slaps you, and demands respect, you better show it by kissing her fit. That of course won’t be enough, you’ll be commanded to lay down nude, so this kinky tgirl can do whatever comes to mind. Your cock and balls get stomped on while you’re screeching, begging to be let go.

She needs to shut you up, and it seems like some rimming will do the trick. Your tongue will be deep down her bunghole, while she’s stroking her dick, suffocating you with her booty cheeks. Maybe you even get to jerk off, but who knows, depends on how willing you are to get your face creampied on.

If you want to know what the meaning of the word “slave” really means, then vile KrystalDoll69 will show you on her private show. She will demand you get collared, the leather clenching around your neck as she pulls you around on a leash in the shemale fetish video chat, and forces you to lick a toilet seat clean, for her pretty ass of course.

All throughout the session she’ll spit on you and hit you with a cpanking cane, each wrong move results in yet another whipping. Still, you won’t have issues with any of that because she’s hot, you love to see her titties and ass jiggle as she punishes you, with the stiff cock flailing around her panties.

Now that she’s got you in the palm of her hands, you’re yet another servant in the collection, and it’s time she entertains herself. Her long cock gets whipped out, and you’re stunned by its beauty, already licking your lips in hopes of getting a chance to suck it. Now that you’re so impatient to blow a dick, she will use you.

Suck yourself off for a change, even the thought of it repulses you, but there is no going back from here. Your tits will get twisted while she commands you how to set up yourself. Suddenly your head is between your legs, your mouth sucking on your cock, and the feeling of humiliation overcomes your body until it reaches the highest point when you get forced to cum in your mouth.

Do you think that you’re ready for these tranny fetish webcam models? It’s time to test yourself, and for the first time found out just how obedient and masochistic you are. Every new task and command will feel exciting, like you’re finally awakened and ready to face your cravings with a tranny so hot your pants will drop to the floor before she even utters a word.

Chains and whips are the most common desires, right behind a t-girl dressed in leather clothing so every bulge and curve on her body is stealing your breath away. Fetishes offer a bigger thrill, there’s always a veil of secrets covering them, something dark and untold, which you get to unwrap and meet your true self.

Live Shemale Dominatrix Cams

When you’re craving some strict tgirls, it’s best to let them take all control, bend over, and prepare to be spanked, whipped, and fucked in tight bunghole like a real slave. They will establish dominance, sometimes all it takes is to raise a voice and berate you, but if you’re a tougher nut to crack, don’t worry, these babes are expert nutcrackers.

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They will torture your balls until you bow before them and ask for forgiveness. And then the real deal begins, exhausted, emotionally depleted, and humiliated, you’ll be used for personal sexual gratification of these chicks with dicks. No matter what they choose for you, every task has to be performed to perfection, so better come to live shemale dominatrix cams with a prepared mindset.

Shemale Humiliation Webcam Rooms

Holly_Spankz is one of those nasty dommes, she adores impact play, just hearing the leather paddle cracking against your tender skin is giving her a boner. The fact that she’s slender, blonde, and super sexy shouldn’t divert your attention from the thing that matters most, you’re here to be used.

In her eyes you’re no more worthy than a sex toy, she’ll stomp on your chest with her high heels as if you were a rug. Then you’ll be forced to lick the stiletto and suck it while she whips out her stiff cock and starts masturbating above your head. You can only watch, but even that will be taken away from you once you’re wearing a blindfold.

Then she’s going to roll you over and slap your exposed booty with her leather-gloved hands. She just adores the way it sticks to your ass and makes it extra red after each strike. But it’s nothing compared to the whip she’s going to use on you. Strike after strike, you’ll moan out louder and beg for more because you’re her dirty little slut.

It’s better if she gets some use out of you while she has the chance. It’s time for that craving asshole of yours to receive what he’s got coming for it during a tranny bondage video chat. A long black dildo, the one you’re going to stick inside yourself, your cock locked in a chastity cage while you’re going hard and deep, waiting to receive a facial creampie as an ultimate showing of disrespect towards you.

Do you have a small penis and want to be treated like dirt by a tgirl with a bigger cock than yours? It’s already humiliating enough to have and wear that microcock in your pants, let alone show it off to someone like MissDiamondTS. From the very start, you’ll be looked down upon, and she will keep on mocking you for it.

Hearing how you’re a “Pathetic excuse for a man” and a “Pin-dicked loser” is soul-crushing enough, but watching this majestic feminine creature with a meaty dick tearing her panties away is proof of your inferiority. This shemale dominatrix will even collar you like a pet and lead you around on a leash because you’re that worthless.

By the looks of it, you’re the one with a pussy over here, so she’ll make you dress-up in colorful panties and a bra, and show you how to do some basic make-up. Then she’s going to stand behind you while you’re on all fours, grab your hair and pull it backwards so you’re face to face while she’s sliding your panties sideways.

You will feel the girth of her cock slowly diving deeper inside of you. With each motion of her hips, you’ll beg for more, because being fucked like a who feels nice doesn’t it? At least you’re in the skilled hands of this mistress, she will even make you cum from all that drilling, but you’ll be reminded why shemales are superior after tasting your own cum at her demand.

What’s your dream of a perfect t-girl domme? Live tgirl domme webcams are full of babes who can’t wait to be adored and obeyed by lesser men, and your only job is to choose. Every session will result in her satisfaction, no matter how long she makes you stroke your cock without cumming, or how hard you get slapped and spanked, you’re in her world now.

Mistresses have all the right to slam their stiff dicks down your throat if they feel like it, you have to please them sexually, or else you’re in for a punishment. One thing is for sure, you will be their bitch, a puppet who dances the way they play, getting molested and mistreated, and you’re going to like every second of it.

Live Tgirl Video Chat

Are you craving some hot chicks with stiff dicks? You know you do, or at least you’re interested in seeing what they’ve got to offer, and let me tell you, these hotties know how to party. Whether you want to flirt and jerk off with them, or need someone to get real dirty with, the live tgirl video chat is here to sate your cravings.

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These babes come in all shapes and sizes, regardless if you think about their curves or cocks, and you can pick and choose which one fits your style. There is no such thing as impossible, they will topple every challenge, do the craziest things you want them to, and bust those heavy loads in unison.

Tranny Cam To Cam Video Chat

First and foremost you have to check out someone like Lusty_Lina, a big titty babe, blessed with a massive schlong, and a super talented entertainer. You won’t have the time to think too much, her mesmerizing attributes will stun you when she starts boasting around with them, caressing, and making you drool from excitement.

She is even ready to put on a show on the ShemaleCamChats.com, the special kind for a special man, including various teasing from oiled-up feet massages to striptease performances. You will see more and more of her tender, slick skin, slowly getting revealed in the full, and turning your cock rock hard once she whips out that meaty prick.

Her skilled hands will wrap around a rubber cock for an old-fashioned, and she’ll send you smooches with those plump lips. Right after they will wrap around it, and she wants to see you stroking in the same rhythm during the cam2cam show, so she can see how into it you are, and believe me, the passion will flow through your body.

But it’s all just a preview before she bends over and takes the panties down so you can get a close look at her puckering bunghole. This model will moan out your name while sticking the dildo deep inside it, and she doesn’t intend to stop until you’re cumming, even ready to bust a nut on her tits and smear it all over her body.

The very thought of a shemale banging you while you’re chained is somewhat a norm, and it’s something MrsZarah can offer you during a live BDSM webcam chat. Of course, as a mistress, she’s skilled at many things, and they all include disciplining a slave and bending him to her will, but even more important are her looks.

She’s always wearing something black, be it a latex catsuit, or kinky leather clothing, as long as it’s clenching to her skin. As with any dominant character, she will demand your undivided attention, she’s all that matters, and some worshipping might come in handy, for your own good.

It’s going to make you look like a dedicated sub who is ready for anything, yes, even bondage and some torture. This strict tranny might fool around with your cock and balls, or make you lick her dirty boots and suck the toes in her live cam room. Maybe even both, who knows what’s going on in that head, besides the situation in her pants.

You will notice a bulge, and it’s only growing bigger the more you’re following orders, it’s getting her fired up and ready to amuse herself at your expense. She’s going to order you to get bound with ropes, and then get spanked hard on your ass with paddles, and better make it blush red.

Once she’s seen enough, you are going to work that asshole out and stretch it with your hand. It doesn’t matter how many fingers you go for, she wants the whole fist, and it’s only over once it gapes far and wide, and she orgasms after hearing your miserable cries for help.

It’s no wonder you’re looking for a tgirl video chat, there’s nothing better than connecting with other like-minded people, who on top of that are extremely hot. You will be at freedom to bang some tight booties, connect with your model through long sessions, and cum as many times as you need to get rid of all the pent-up sexual frustration.

So don’t hesitate to start on your journey through all these wonderful moments full of passion and filth that couldn’t be turned into a reality if we didn’t have all these dazzling shemale cuties.

Tranny Ballbusting Webcams

For some, the pain is a good foreplay, and the intensity is equal to the pleasure that’s witnessed afterward. Enter our stunning shemale dommes, you can bet that they’re cruel, and they also believe that the dicks they’re blessed with are superior, to yours especially.

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They might take their time, it’s a game of mental fortitude first and foremost, are you even fit for a slave? Your junk will get ridiculed, you will have to endure some ball torture, and only after you’ve passed the test is she going to kick your nuts in on these ball busting cams. It can be done barefoot, but it’s even better in some shoes or high heels, and I think you already like that idea.

Shemale Humiliation Webcam Rooms

Maybe someone like MissDarcyX could be your mistress? What’s not to like about a tall, leggy woman with some firm curves? Your sight will be focused on the bottom half of her body, where you can see a skimpy leather skirt, sexy black stocking, and high heels, and you could already imagine her bare feet teasing you.

She will get you tied to your bed, and you will watch her take off the footwear, revealing a set of tender feet. Her naughty fingers caress the space between the toes, and she wiggles them for you, so she could see how stiff that cock will get, but it seems like she’s in for an unpleasant surprise.

It’s not her desired size, she can’t bear to play with something so small and gross in the live tranny ballbusting chat, but she can still feed her sadistic desires. Your legs will get spread apart, and she’ll start dripping candle wax on your balls. You can feel every drop of it, and no matter what you say she won’t stop until they’re completely covered in it.

You like her feet don’t you? She can see how you’ve been looking at them, and you’ll get to feel them on yourself at last. Get a load of them you dirty pervert, feel her disgust as she steps on your nuts, and then kicks them, never stopping until she gets rid of all the built-up rage.

Dirty_Diane is another shemale domme who loves to bust balls, and she loves it more when you’re standing in front of her nude, sweating from the anticipation. She will smoke a cigarette with her legs crossed, and observe those ripe couple of plums, leaning in to drop the ashes on them and exhale the smoke in your face.

She starts playing with her cock, jerking off while disallowing you to play with yourself, even moaning out loud to show you how much she’s enjoying it during the bondage webcam session. The ember slowly tingles, and she gets the cigarette closer to your balls so you can feel the heat from it, but don’t even dare to try and step back because she won’t hesitate to do something much worse.

It’s no secret that she’s going to take away all the freedoms she can away from you, and putting that cock in a chastity device is just one of many steps, but it’s the one you’ll have a hard time with. No erection, no ability to stroke your cock, and it’s time to show you how hard this tranny can strike.

She kicks your legs and gets them to spread apart so those nuts are widely open. One after another the kicks land, and you experience a feeling unlike any other. Even when she’s finished with the ballbusting, you’re not free to do what you want.

The keys to your freedom are right there, you just have to reach them, and jerk off your cock for her, ignoring the pain in your balls. She knows you can’t resist, and she’ll enjoy watching you struggle to achieve an orgasm, but you know that it will be the most intense cumming you’ve ever felt.

There’s a thin line between pain and pleasure, but here on shemale ballbusting cams they turn into one. As a sissy, you will get the highest of honors after finishing a session, the respect from your mistress, and everything leading up to that moment will be more than worth it.

No matter how hard those nuts get kicked in, you will beg for more, eventually pleading to get them busted because you want to prove yourself, and going through multiple different ballbusting scenarios.

Live Shemale Cam Chat Rooms

You must have heard all about the hot models and their impeccable sexual prowess, and you are at the right place if you want to try them out on our live shemale cam chat rooms. I will warn you in advance that these chicks with dicks aren’t performing just to earn a quick buck, they are pouring heart and soul into the fine art of eliciting orgasms.

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Right from the start, your desired model will welcome you with a warm smile and juicy cleavage, more than willing to discuss your cravings. So what is it that you enjoy? Don’t hold back from putting words where your mind is because it’s all done in good faith of helping you shave off some stress with erotic private shows.

Do you need someone to spend a nice afternoon with and rub one out in a totally new way? Valentinaqueen can help you with that bulging cock and pent-up cum waiting to burst out. Her juicy tits are pouring out of a tight red bra, and those pink panties are no less restricting of her cock.

She will take her time showing off the slick feet, caressing her thighs and moving her hands towards the crotch to slightly rub her dick until this horny tranny reaches the tits. There she’ll take off the bra so her breasts pop out, bouncing up and down as she plays with them and rubs her nipples.

The cam2cam sex show allows her to see how fired up you are already, stroking your prick and blushing the moment she starts sucking on her nipples. It’s going to be a sign that it’s time she takes off the panties to join you in the act of self-deprivation.

A bit of spit to lube up her meaty schlong, and she’ll be jerking off hard and fast, moaning out for your delicious cock, saying how much she would like to see you busting a nut. Those words are going to be a tipping point, making your whole body spasm as you’re unloading a load of cum.

Every model’s best friends on shemale webcam rooms are her toys, and just like PassionKrystal, you will enjoy all the anal play. The fact that she’s got a perfectly round booty is only going to add additional intensity and craving to see a dildo lodged in it.

This hottie loves wearing thongs, so she can oil up her ass and rub it all over, highlighting just how lavish and round it is. Once the panties get slid down, you will get a full view of it in the live sex chat, and an interesting surprise, a colorful buttplug that she’s been wearing all this time to get gaped.

She will face you with her behind, kneeling on the bed, and bending over until it’s in your face. The plug gets pulled out, and you get to see how her sphincter puckers, contracting and widening back, and in the meantime, she’s sucking on a dildo to get it prepared.

Stand up and hold your cock while she’s starting to push the rubber cock in her bunghole, slowly going deeper until it’s fully inside. Jerk your dick as if it’s the one plowing her, and tell her to keep it up until both of you are orgasming.

You can see how exciting shemale cam chat rooms are just by throwing a glance at the models in their live rooms. If you’ve got a demand for something spicy, then make sure to tell them in a live private session, they’re usually up for anything, involving some domination, bondage, and the likes.

With so many of them online at any time, there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll find multiple t-girls on par with your standards, and they will do whatever it takes to please a customer, your high standards are going to be surpassed.

Trannycam.com Live Trans Chat Site

Trannycam.com Live Trans Chat Site

The greatest question you can ask yourself when stumbling on a whitelabel cam site would be “is it worth it”? Trannycam.com does seem like a solid live trans chat site at the first glance, but you’re not going to get anything new, revolutionary, or even changed for the better, but it’s still worth checking out.

I still need to see if there is a reason why you should choose it instead of the OG site, TSMate.com, or if my expectations are going to be crumbled. Most users stray away from these types of sites, and there’s a solid reason for that, primarily the fact that you can’t trust a copy to be as good as the original, even though their prices are the same.

First Impression of Trannycam.com

As mentioned above, the design of this sex webcam site isn’t exactly eye candy, the overall theme is the same, but the color gradings seem off, maybe I’m too used to TSMate, or could it be that purple and white don’t mesh together so well? After all, personal tastes differentiate, and you can be the judge of that. 

One thing that’s not a matter of taste is the pop-ups that lead you to another cam site. No one likes to be bothered with commercials, especially because this one popped up when I was trying to create an account, and instead of being guided towards that page, I was suddenly on another site.

It just seems unintuitive to have it placed there, most users will see it as spam, or view the site as somewhat scammy, and you don’t want that on something so important. What really pissed me off, is that there is no possible way to create an account, you can log-in with a TSMate account, but creating a new one is out of the picture.

Trannycam Fades in Comparison with TSMate

There’s nothing about the tranny fetish webcam models that I could add, they’re fantastic, dedicated to making your time worth the money, and will do absolutely anything to get you off. With that being said, I wasn’t actually yielding the same results with the number of models, as a matter of fact, Trannycam.com seems to have far fewer.

As for that, there isn’t a logical reason why it is the way it is, but so far this video site has made me accustomed to defying every logic. What I was extra disappointed about, is the quality of streams, when tested next to each other, TSMate has performed far better, providing crisp quality, unlike its counterpart with the low-res video.

Saying that it’s disappointing would be an understatement of the year, any user that tries to see some shows will be snubbed because of this issue. Honestly, it’s like this site is trying purposefully to deter all its potential customers away from the site, and as a consumer myself, I find it laughable.

Your Time Is Better Spent Elsewhere

Contrary to what you might think, customer support is the staple of every shemale cam site. If something in the slightest goes wrong, they should fix it right away, without much hesitation. That wasn’t the case here, at all, after half an hour trying to reach someone, I was left to hang dry and talk to my hand. 

Even the e-mail option didn’t work well, so, in hindsight, they don’t care at all. Comparing that to TSMate is like you’re looking at the opposite sides of a spectrum. No matter how similar these two sites looked at first, the deeper I’ve explored they grew further apart, to the point where it’s hard to believe how something so simple can get ruined.

You even get bonus tokens on TSMate, it just shows how much they care for the average consumer, unlike its evil twin. The point being, you should in no way waste your time on this site, it’s just not worth the effort, you will waste time on it, and I just wish that there was a way to erase my memory and forget all about it.


Trannycam is a live trans chat site that won’t even allow you to create an account, and without it, you can’t watch the streams, what a fine way of screwing everything up. From the very start, a crucial mistake, groundbreaking in a bad way, if you can’t watch anything, why would you stay on this place?

TSMate is superior in every way possible, and you even get a better price tag for the original item, who could have guessed. The solution is obvious, if you’ve got a hunger for some tight waists and long schlongs, then spare your precious time by heading straight to TSMate instead of a cheap copy.

Tranny JOI Cam Chat

Are you ready to meet some hotties who would absolutely love to control your genitals and the way you’re playing with them? The tranny JOI cam chat is one of those places where you can find a t-girl mistress who will slowly but surely gain control of your whole body and have you struggling not to touch your cock before she allows you to.

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Being teased doesn’t make things easier, be it the tits, her big booty, or a breath-taking dick, you will have to watch as she’s fondling her sensitive areas and moaning out while you can’t do a thing about it. Once you get a hold of your tool, you will only be able to use it the way you’re told, with a limited number of strokes, repeated exactly how she tells you to.

It takes some bravery to stand in front of a tranny like MissCiaraTS and not have your legs shaking from fear. The wavy black hair and a dolled-up face, coupled with a killer athletic body squeezed in a revealing latex bodysuit, those are more than enough to make you weak and send your mind spinning.

She will order you to wear a blindfold while kneeling in front of her, fully nude and exposed. You will hear the sound of her high heels tapping as she walks in circles around you, and whispers that it’s going to be ok. Her goal is to lull you into a false sense of security, and when you’re relaxed, she is going to strike.

Suddenly you’ll hear a whip whooshing through the air, and beg her not to use it on your skin. You get the blindfold taken off during the shemale jerk off instruction webcam, and finally see her again, but this time nude, with a raging erection. She wants you to suck it, not only that, but your throat will be violated as if you’re a cheap hooker she’s using like a cum bucket.

She can notice your boner, so go ahead and take it in your hands, play with it a little bit. Pull your foreskin down to the base slowly, and then let it retract on its own. Rub your tip with an open palm, and keep doing it exactly like that until she showers you with her load of cum, and if you don’t orgasm, well, too bad, maybe next time.

Some stories might have a happy end, but they usually cost you greatly in the live JOI webcam chat, but if you’re an adventurer and want to take on a challenge, then go for VilePrincess_Venus. Right from the start she will demand respect, and she’ll get it with her massive tits, you want to see them?

Right then, bend over for her and pull your panties down so she can spank that tight ass. Just a couple of strikes, no big deal, but then again, your junk is also exposed, and this tgirl can think of a way or two to punish you. Your nuts will get pinched, the sudden sharp pain will make you nag and protest but to no avail.

It’s only going to make her punish you harder by making you wear a cock ring, and then flicking your nuts like pebbles while cooling off your cock in a cup of ice. You will sweat like a pig, beg her for mercy, cry out loud to be released, just so you could rest your tortured cock for a moment.

But there’s no stopping here, you’ll get pleasure alright, stroke your cock fast, give her 20 strokes and then stop. Go slow, only upwards strokes, then downwards, but after so much discomfort you’re grateful for such a thing, and you can sense an orgasm. The height of your session, but she can’t allow it so easily, you can jizz, you can have your orgasm, but you also have to eat all the cum afterward.

What kind of a hottie are you expecting to see on a shemale jerk off instruction cam chat? There are all kinds of stunning chicks with dicks here, and they all can’t wait to see what you’re packing down there, so don’t be afraid to get picky and choosy.

Once you land that perfect model, she will be your guide, the only one who matters at the moment, and the fate of your orgasm lies in her hands.

Teen Shemale Webcams

If you’re excited to meet some fresh talent with their tight bodies, and even tighter bungholes, then there’s no better thing than teen shemale webcams. You can bet that there are a lot of amateurs who are only looking for fun, and they’re more than willing to do whatever it takes to please you.

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On the other hand, some of them know a lot about sex and seduction despite being young, which surely didn’t stop them to explore their bodies and ride some fat cocks. What you’ll love the most about these slutty schoolgirls, is that they’re always able to squeeze out the last drop of cum you’ve got with their private shows.

Do you like to imagine various scenarios and enact them with a t-girl hottie like HayleeTS? She’s so good at dressing up and acting like the girl of your dreams, something like a college girl, with a set of juicy tits and a perky ass, naïve, but willing to do whatever it takes for a better grade at your class.

She will insist on speaking with you after class, and once everyone leaves, you’ll see her locking the door, approaching you, and saying that there’s something you need to discuss. Of course, you already know where this is leading, and it’s not like you could refuse such a teen shemale hottie, especially the chance to drill her ass.

Order her to kneel and blow your meaty dick, and tell her how fast and deep you want it, just make sure that she gets it lubed up with saliva, it’s for her own good after all. Once she’s done, grab her by that pretty face on the live cams and make her stand up, then turn her around, lift up the skirt, and reveal her pantyless behind.

Tell her what a filthy slut she is, and bend her over on your desk, then start pushing your tip in her tight bunghole. The start might be slow, but the incredible tightness of her sphincter around your prick is going to make you go harder, impaling her fast, and clenching your teeth because she will make you bust a nut faster than anyone before.

How about a total amateur shemale teen? Someone petite and shy just like Mini.Amina, but willing to learn more about the thrilling world of BDSM. It’s hard to deny yourself the pleasures of teaching a teen hottie with a firm dick in her panties on how to mix the pain and pleasure, ultimately leading her to an unforgettable orgasm.

Once she strips down and reveals her perky tits, along with that cock, your breath will pause for a moment. She looks so innocent, but there’s a certain fire flaming inside her in her webcam chat room, she’s willing to follow your lead, and she will start by respecting you by worshipping your dick, so whip it out and let her observe what a real man’s cock looks like.

Tell her to grab a whip and whip herself all over the ass, after which her balls are going to get clipped. Make her pull the clips outwards from time to time, so she would feel a sensation going through her body, the longing for a moment you order her to stop, desperately awaiting her release.

Once she earns her partial freedom through hard work, you’ll allow her to stroke her cock, but she has to follow your jerk-off instructions. After waiting for so long, she can finally play with herself, but don’t let her rejoice, she still won’t be able to jizz without you allowing it, not until she makes a promise to perform a self-sucking show for you, and swallows all the cum that ends in her mouth.

While some might think that teen shemale cams are full of inexperienced cuties, it’s not fully the case, there are a lot of horny harlots out there. You can choose which ones are going to entertain you, and you can find chicks with dicks from all over the world, a seemingly endless number of choices.

You’re going to get hooked up on these lovely young ladies, maybe even multiple models because you’re not restricted from viewing as many as you like. It never hurts to try out some new ones and give them a chance, who knows, maybe you find an even better one than the last time.

Chubby Shemale Cams

Big booties are the trademark of curvy t-girls, but sometimes it’s better to have that extra meat on the bones. Their floppy bellies, massive tits, or stunning thighs are just some of the attributes to seduce you, and let’s not forget about their cocks or hungry assholes.

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Regardless, it’s all worth nothing if the show is not worth watching. You need them to entertain you, take your breath away with simple teasing, and then moan out for your dick. The moment you see those meaty fingers paving the way through the fat booty and getting stuck in the asshole, you’ll know that chubby shemale cams are worth it.

For someone like BigJennyTS, it’s not just about making you cum, she wants you to bust that load so hard like you’ve never done before, which is why she’ll dedicate every second to sating your cravings. When you see those puffy legs in fishnet stockings, your first thought is going to be how to suck them.

She will wiggle the toes and tease you with them, making you sweat profusely with such a single move, and even more so when she starts massaging her tender soles. While bent down and caressing her sexy feet, you won’t help but notice how luscious her tits are, just makes you want to motorboat them.

Don’t worry, she’ll use them both after dousing her tits in oil, and letting it drip down all the way to her feet. Once they’re soaked up, you’ll enjoy an orgasmic footjob and titjob at the same place with a couple of dildoes, and she will do it by your instructions during a fat tranny webcam chat, every move is guided by your words as if it’s you right there next to her.

In the heat of the moment, she’s going to whip out her stiff cock, it’s all beefy and veiny, eager to get stroked properly for a change. Even that is up to you, however you wish to do with it, as long as you’re pleased with the end result, and it can be no different than a creamy load of jizz from both of you.

Or do you like having your face sat on, and forced to stick that tongue out to lick sweaty balls while you’re getting choked by chubby ass cheeks? That’s the specialty of MissClarah, a chubby shemale mistress whose only wearing a whip with her, the rest, you can feast your eyes on.

She doesn’t mind getting mired by your lusty eyes, in fact, that’s exactly what she wants from a slave. You might want to reach out and see just how tender her skin is or to offer your tight asshole for pounding, but she doesn’t want her future slave to have an inkling of freedom, it’s all about her.

Her chubby arms are going to take a swing at you, and you’ll hear the crackling of the whip before she spanks your ass in the live cam session. When she takes off the panties, you will bow down before her prick, and not only that, you’re going to take a deep breath because she’s going to slam it down your throat and choke you with it.

This chubby girl is a force to be reckoned with, whatever she desires, you are going to obey unless you’re keen on receiving another punishment. She will jerk off, watching you perform for her, clipping your balls and nipples, begging for mercy, all the good stuff, and it’s going to get her fired up, ready to bust a nut on her big belly, and commanding you to observe how it’s spreading all over her jiggly body.

If you’re a connoisseur of big trannies and cam shows, then chubby shemale cams are like a match made in heaven for you, the best of them both in one place. All these models are happy to serve you, it’s not easy to stay that chubby, they’re always hungry, but the food they need is boiling in your nutsack.

They want to slurp it all up, or you’re going to be the one who does it, they like to live vicariously, there just needs to be someone shooting semen out of their schlong. You and I both know that nothing can replace these babes, so let’s see how much it takes them to brew an orgasm.

Shemale SPH Webcams Chat

There are a lot of inferior men with tiny pricks, you’re not alone, but you have to accept your role as a subordinate. That’s especially true on shemale SPH webcams chat, the dominating models here are superior in each and every way imaginable, and they are going to send that message out loud and clear.

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Shemale Jerk Off Instruction Cams

Let’s face it, these chicks not only are smoking hot, but they’ve got a mean machine between their legs, a cock bigger than yours to say the least. Honestly, it’s incomparable, but they still love to feel superior, laugh at you, point fingers, and torture your junk, and each of those punishments gets their dicks harder than the last one.

VioletTS_domina is one of those smokin’ hot babes who loves wearing tight lingerie, and pretty much nothing else on her body. She can see how you’re feasting those eyes on her big tits, passing with your eyes down to her crotch where a meaty cock is, and watching her tease you by fondling herself.

But she is going to stop you, demand you show what you’ve got, crackling her leather whip on the ground, and instilling fear in your body. Shaken from the sudden explosion of dominance, you will find your way around, and hesitantly drop down the panties, revealing the biggest disappointment in the history of dicks.

It’s not that she can’t believe it, it’s that she’s repulsed by such a manlet. Instantly, she commands you to cover it up and ties your hands down so you can’t make any stupid, sudden moves. Look at that, she’s showing you what a real dick looks like, her massive schlong is right in front of your face, and you’re about to suck it like it’s the last thing you’ll ever do.

She thrusts it inside your throat, making you choke on it while standing on your crotch. Suddenly you’re feeling a sharp pain as she kicks you in the groin, but it’s what your mistress demands during a small penis humiliation cam chat. Not like you’re going to use that microcock, so there’s nothing to spill tears over, just brace yourself for a sudden gush of semen, all pouring over your face, and her leaving you there like a used condom.

Maybe you would need someone like AnnaCrystal, a mature tranny, prepared for all occasions, the master of humiliation. With age comes experience, and this one knows what it takes to humiliate a man, and most of them aren’t able to keep up with the constant barrage of verbal degrading.

She will make it a habit to call you a “Pimple dicked loser”, throwing in some other obscenities, all striking you straight through the heart. What’s more, you will start to whimper, crying like a lost girl, begging for her forgiveness, but there’s hardly anything someone like you can do to redeem themselves.

Except maybe letting her treat you like a sissy, you know where this is going, you’re about to look like a girl in this live SPH webcam session, and she will tell you what to wear, how to do your make-up, and guide you through all the things you’re going to do, no matter how harsh or degrading. Imagine being put on a leash, her writing “Small Dick” across your back with a marker, and forcing you to hump a pillow.

Not only are you a sissy, but she made you into a lesser being. Sure humping is funny, but she would rather see you suck yourself off, so don’t hold back, bend over and get a mouthful of your dick. Wrap that lipstick-covered lips around your acorn cock, and suck it, until she makes you lick like a thirsty little bitch, all until she sees you blasting a couple of drops of your cum in your mouth, and the tongue stuck out so she knows you’ve swallowed it all like a good boy.

No matter what size your cock is, it’s no match for models from shemale SPH cams, so be ready for anything. They’re ruthless, it’s in their blood, and you can consider yourself very lucky for even having the chance to communicate.

As long as you’re a good slave who knows how to obey orders, you’re going to make these t-girls happy, and that joy might rub off on you.