XLoveTrans.com Review

XLoveTrans.com Cam Site

The world of tranny cams is rapidly gaining traction, and there are more websites rising, so it’s our job to check them out so you wouldn’t have to waste time. The competition between models is fierce, from couples, solo tgirls, various fetishes performed, and unavoidable size of tits and cocks.

You will recognize the best live sex chat places either in terms of model amount, or the standard of private shows they offer. Besides that, the site features are talking a story of their own, as does the design, and a lot of other tiny things, no stone should be left unturned in quest of quality.

Sometimes Too Much Is… Too Much

The site design is its first line of defense, and unfortunately, this one easily fails to protect it from criticism. The black background makes it unappealing as if it’s a black hole, about to swallow you whole, or your wallet.

Then there are the filters, and they are placed on the left side, in a drop menu, which surprisingly drops even when you hover over it with a mouse which is bothersome from time to time if you’re not careful. I get why some shemale cam sites want to be detailed with the number of filters and types, but there’s just no place for some.

For instance the Bodyweight category, there’s nothing about it that will make you go “Oh yes I feel like going for a 150-180 pounder tranny today”. They can easily fit into some other categories, without using space. My perfect example of filters would be the site named MyTrannyCams, and it’s not the only thing I love about it.

Nobody Wants To Be Spammed

The exact reason why there’s no need for a lot of filters is that XLoveTrans is not really well-populated with models. There are around 40 during the busiest hours, which isn’t so bad, but not really what you would expect from a good tranny cam site.

Just in case you’re curious, there is also the Videos tab, where you can watch some free clips. Don’t expect to get anything worth your while though, they are mostly model introduction videos. Those which are not intros are supposed to be paid for, but considering most are sub 1 minute, that’s not worth paying for.

The thing is that models split one show into multiple videos, and sell them separately, but they’re too short to be worth a penny. You will also get annoyed with the “Join Now” pop-up every so often, which is kind of counter-intuitive, a lot of people are spooked away by them, they just look shady.

You Can Do Better

A lot of the models are Asian, and they usually stream in couples, but the language barrier makes it sometimes hard to get the message across. You get what you get, they will bang in private shows for you, and that’s about all they can explain, so don’t expect special treatment.

That sole issue bears a question, what difference does it make from regular porn? It doesn’t at all, except that you’re paying way more. If you can’t express what you want to do, and they can’t explain, then there’s no point.

Half of the shemale fetish webcam models are poorly rated by users, some aren’t at all, and there are just a few who have a 5-star rating. Now, you might think that at least you have a solid quality of cams, but that’s also not going to happen here. And the tokens, not that you will buy them here, but there’s no discount for bulk purchase, they roughly cost $1.25 for 1 token no matter if you’re buying 10 or 10.000.

The total cam experience is subpar, you would be better off stroking your cock on some other tranny sites, luckily, I know of at least one more which has never failed me, and it has way more models and niches to inspect, meet TSMate.com tonight.


I’m not going to sugarcoat it, you deserve better, we all do, other tranny cam chat sites have so much more to offer that I would be lying to you by saying that XLoveTrans is okay. It’s not nearly enough to have a shaky quality of the site and below-average shows to be anywhere near its competitors.

There’s always a better solution, my top choices are the beforementioned TSMate and MyTrannyCams, you know what you’re getting with these two. You won’t be straining your eyes while trying to watch the shows, or wanter through some meaningless filters, they’re top-notch, and straight to the point.