Review Live Trans Chat Site

Like it or not, we’re on the brink of originality, a lot of live sex chat sites nowadays are nothing but clones, and falls under that category. Despite that, there are some questions that need to be answered, maybe things aren’t all that bad, maybe it’s worth checking out, or maybe there’s nothing worth sticking around for.

Before we get into the review, you should know that as the original site,, is one of the best tranny cam sites out there, so there’s a lot to be taken into consideration. Those are big shoes to fill, and not only that, Shemalecams needs to outshine TSMate in order to elevate themselves as a clear-cut fan favorite, can it even be done?

Interface, New VS Old

If you want to copy, at least do it properly, which doesn’t seem to be what went for. The whole pusher has a bit of an outdated design, the white background, somewhat too sharp colors that honestly will make your eyes hurt, topped off with a lot of quality of life features missing.

And that’s just by taking a glance at both, it doesn’t look all sunshine and rainbows for now, and I’m afraid it won’t be any better the deeper we go. There is also an incorrect number of models online listed, standing at 2000+, when in fact it couldn’t be any farter from truth, which shows signs of neglect.

On TSMate, however, you will feel a lot more welcomed, everything feels more vibrant, despite the fact that the same models are showing up on both video chat sites. There is also an automatic preview implemented when you hover with the cursor over a model, and model country of origin, which you won’t see on the copycat.

Models, Are They All the Same?

First of all, you’ll have to find all the shemale fetish webcam models that fit your description. Shemalecams has a couple of options you can choose from, but they all feel lackluster because you’re stuck with some plain selections that hardly make you able to narrow it down. TSMate instead has a richer drop-menu selection, and you can check all the boxes you want to suit yourself better.

Regardless, when I did choose all the filters on both these sites, it dawned on me that maybe they’re not the same at all. There was a vastly different number of models, and a lot of them were excluded from the copy site. What’s the reason behind it? I guess we’ll never know, but it keeps getting uglier.

Even the quality of live streams isn’t the same, there’s a significant drop-off in pixel count, to the point where some shows aren’t enjoyable on Shemalecams. Along with that, of course, go with the shortened chat options and features. Everything about this site seems like a poor man’s TSMate, where no one but customers suffer.

Other Noticeable Differences

Truth be told, models are still models, they do their fair share of live tranny private shows, and they do it good, but such a simple thing as a site you’re viewing them on can make it or break it. It should be taken into consideration that you’re paying the same amount of money per minute, and it isn’t equally justified on both ends.

Customer support is another major player with any site, not just cam sites, especially because there is money involved. There might be an issue that you can’t solve yourself, like mismanaging your funds, or not being properly treated during a show, you never know, and the difference makers are the guys that work hard to right all the wrongs.

When you try to contact them on, well, good luck, because it’s going to take some time if you even manage to reach them. TSMate deals with their customers differently. I’ve never had to wait more than a minute to be accompanied by someone on the other end, and all my matters were quickly resolved.


If you’re fine with a messy homepage and lack of filtering choices, if you don’t mind having fewer models at your disposal and worse video streaming quality, then go ahead, visit But if you would rather go to the very source and get everything as it’s meant to be, then TSMate is a clear winner.

Of course, we already know what it’s going to be since no one in their right mind would choose a bad copy instead of the original, and for the same price. TSMate still stands victorious over all other shemale sex cam sites, and it especially holds true for such low-effort cash grabs like this one.