TSMate Shemale Cam Site

Are you sick and tired of fake t-girl webcams? I sure know that I am, and the longer I look around, the less enthusiastic I am about finding those who are worth my time. might seem alright to most people out there, initially, it doesn’t seem like there’s much wrong about it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

It’s a copy of another site, or in other words, a “whitelabel”, which is just a bit fancier word that roughly means the same. That site in question is TSMate, it’s amongst the leading live shemale sex sites, so I’ll make sure to draw a parallel between the two, and show you why these things never pan out in any good way.

The Looks Don’t Tell the Whole Story

ShemaleCams visually looks the same, with a slight variation in color, which is hardly even noticeable, and of course, the logo is different. Sadly they’ve gone with the most generic thing, the name of the site, and a small camera in the corner, which I’m sure has been seen around for so many times so far.

Now, just because it’s a copy, doesn’t mean it’s exactly the same, as things go, you can’t really recreate everything correctly. That’s where this site starts slowly losing its credibility, beneath the mask it’s a bunch of mumbo jumbo, glued together to make a solid first impression, and not much more after that.

For instance, the filtering options seem the same, but sometimes they don’t even bring up the results, rather returning you to the random starting selection of models. Even their “Join” screen seems to bug out, and you can’t register, which is the most important thing for a cam site, if that doesn’t function, then you don’t even know what to expect further down the road.

Some Things Are Missing

I hate to throw shade at the shemale models, but we all have our preferences, some just won’t be your fit, which is why the rating system helps highlight the best ones at the top. That’s exactly how it works on TSMate, however on this copy, the top-rated chicks with dicks don’t seem to be around, you simply can’t find them.

The grand total number of models performing seems to be scuffed on ShemaleCams, it’s not much, but as mentioned before some of the better ones are lacking, so what’s the point? You’re forced to take a gamble, which I’m sure, no one is here for. Still, you could have a nice time with them, it’s just not set in stone.

As you can already see, copying someone else’s work isn’t the best tactic. You can’t expect it to be any good, or that the guys behind the site make that much effort in their site as the original. For that reason alone, TSMate will always be superior, at least until someone does something better, that is also original at the same time.

Why You Should Never Settle for Less

That’s not the end of hurdles for ShemaleCams, the live tranny shows are a disaster, but not because of models. They’re mostly fine, focused on bringing you the best possible experience, but the site-wide errors will ruin it. You can expect to have playback issues, the live shows often render for way too long, so you may miss on a lot of action, despite paying.

Or, you can bump the video quality down to 240p, and that is just ridiculous in this day and age. You’re expected to sacrifice your well-being for the same price TSMate offers, but with worse quality. Most users who know about both sites are actively evading all copies, because of these reasons exactly.

One thing I’ll give props to ShemaleCams about is their customer support. They’re lightning fast, and that is a rarity for copycat cam sites. You can expect a large portion of your questions to be answered, except for those which would hold them accountable for all the negative things that are the site’s fault.


If you’ve ever thought about it, copies are sometimes worth it, but only if they are able to hold up with the quality, and offer a cheaper price. ShemaleCams is the polar opposite of that, their quality is abysmal, and their price is the same as the original site’s, so there’s really no reason at all to use it.

Of course, if we’re talking about TSMate, well, there’s a reason why it’s copied on such a massive scale. It’s a sex webcam site where shemale models have all the freedom over their shows. You can get foot fetish, BDSM, JOI, and all other kinds of kinks with incredibly sexy trannies, and there is a lot of them. If you haven’t so far, make sure to check TSMate out, you won’t be disappointed.