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NikkitaxRed has three characteristics that, combined, could make any model irresistible. She’s a Latina, she’s a BBW, and more importantly, she is M2F trans. If you know anything about shemales, you know that the most convincing M2F transitions come from South America. This time we’re dealing with a Colombian hottie. Her transition is even more impressive because she is only 20 years old. She got implants for her titties. And now we’re wondering if she also got implants in her ass. From what I know, there are no implants to give you such thunder things. She might have a natural ass.

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If you’re curious about that, you can ask this about her in a private video chat session, where you can ask to see so many other things. She’s quite a lady regarding free action, which means she doesn’t just hang out naked, flashing her ladycock to everyone. She loves keeping a bit of mystery, and we can reassure you that you won’t be disappointed by what she hides in her panties. She also has some badass tattoos, and by the time you read this, she might have even more because she’s slowly turning into a thick alt-Tgirl.