KatiexKuddles Cam Model

KatiexKuddles Tgirl Sex Cam Model

KatiexKuddles is a 36 years old TGirl from the USA with some nice juicy white titties and a bit on the thick side. But she’s also a bit on the tall side. And you can bet your horse that she also has cock that’s just as thick and long as the rest of her body. Even though she is a big girl, she took a lot of estrogens to turn her into a feminine girly who is always emotional and horny. She doesn’t strike her ladycock when masturbating. She keeps it soft and rubs on its head like an oversized clit.

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What’s very special about this American TS cam model and true about many other babes from the US is how open she is to new experiences and how much she loves sexual tension. She is one of the most active streamers you’ll find on this site, and sometimes, she even has friends over for tranny on tranny domination sessions, during which it’s more likely to see her topping. What makes her shows feel so real, and she streams so much every day, is that she does it all from home, right from her bedroom or her living room couch.