GoShemaleCams.com Site Review

TSMate Shemale Cam Site

Have you ever wondered why some cam sites are not doing all that great? Well, you might find an answer here because GoShemaleCams.com is the prime example. I’m not saying this in a snarky kind of way, this site needs some work on it before it’s even ready to offer the models, but as a lot of things go on the internet, half-baked goods are circulating around.

It’s not all bland, there are some qualities behind this shemale cam site, and I’ll make sure to include them. While they might be on a good path, it’s definitely not enough, which is why I’ll tell you right now, off the bat, that you should spend your time on some other, established sites, my suggestion would be TSMate.com, but first, let’s see why!

First Look at GoShemaleCams

It’s a tale as old as mankind, the first thing a user is impacted by is the site design. No matter how much porn connoisseurs like myself have said it, certain webmasters refuse to put the effort into their sites and make it look bearable at least. White on white won’t work for live sex sites, simply because you’re most likely to watch these sites in dark, on your PC.

You don’t want all that whiteness blasting in your face, even if it’s broad daylight, it’s just not a good idea. Here, though, I would assign it to laziness, maybe even ignorance because mistakes like these are easily fixable. Maybe I’m just being picky, or you could say that it’s a pet peeve of mine, but using the word “Starlet” for a model on their shemale big black cock cams is kind of not appropriate.

You’ll see it plastered above model chats on the homepage and a few other places in the text. Why not just use “model”, “performer”, or any other title to address them. Still, it’s not that grim, if we glance over these issues, of which the second one is more of a personal preference, GoShemaleCams design-wise is user-friendly, which is always a good thing.

Models and All You Should Know

I would say that models here are really beautiful, you won’t find a single one of them that’s below average that’s for sure. While, as we all know it, transsexual webcam beauties are mostly Asian or Latina beauties, there doesn’t seem to be that much diversity. You’re hardly going to find some hotties from the USA or Europe.

Is it mandatory? No, it isn’t, but I like my shemale ladies of various backgrounds just to keep things fresh and experience some new things from time to time. This way it can feel stale after quite some time, believe me, I’ve been around, tried things, and it’s infinitely better if you can experiment.

That’s one of the reasons why other sites have more success, just like SM. There’s also the thing about numbers. TSMate has more as well, so it’s naturally going to be superior. If you’re a simple type, then sure, maybe this site would work for you, but I would advise against it one way or another when there are much better options.

The Ins and Outs of Private Shows

Everything leads to this special moment, and it might end up not so special. It’s kind of like meeting your heroes, usually, they’re not what you expect them to be, and the same could be said for these girls at GoShemaleCams. Beauty doesn’t automatically make them master entertainers, or pleasant to chat with either.

Some of them had a really bad attitude as if I should just go in tranny private cam shows and get what they think I should get, disregarding my desires, or just ignoring them. There were a few good girls, but honestly, nothing to raise an eyebrow over, in fact, they made me sleepy so I had to go to other sites like TSMate to remind myself what private shows are all about.

Then there’s the pricing, oh boy, you won’t like it. Simply said, these girls overcharge for their mediocre service. Some even charge around $10 for a minute, with the average being somewhat lower, which is not low enough. It wouldn’t be an issue if you’re getting premium entertainment, but the reality is that you’ll get anything but.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are some things GoShemaleCams is going right, but don’t let that fool you into wasting your money and time here. There is a whole lot they need to work on, sadly too much to make it worth a visit, especially for a beginner because you might get the wrong picture about live chat sites in general.

That’s why you should take a look at TSMate, that and many other reasons like more models, cheaper prices, better overall value, and let’s not forget, a whole lot more kinks and fetishes included. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular tranny sex cam sites, and I hope you’ll have the same experience as many other users like myself.