EvelineTS Webcam Room

Straight from the island of Cyprus comes one of the top tranny cam models. She’s blonde, extremely slender, with tasteful tattoos over her body, and a big cock. It’s no wonder she’s standing above and beyond competition, t-girls like her are a rarity, real hidden gems that are just perfect every way you look at her.

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EvelineTS Webcam Room

Her obsession with tight male booties is apparent, she can’t wait to have a “virgin” ass in front of her while having live porn sessions, so she can be the one deflowering it. If you want to be totally dominated, she’s going to happily teach you what it really takes to be a sub. But still, she’s not your regular domme, this one also wants to see you cum, it’s that her pleasure comes first.

You can kneel for starters, while she stomps around you with her high heels, and smokes a cigar. You will be used for a human ashtray, reduced to no more than an object. Then she’ll collar you like a dog, lead you around on a leash in her webcam room, and make you lick her boots to show off some real affection towards your mistress.

The pleasure stems from pain, or at least that’s how she likes it. You will bend over for her, spread your ass, and pound it with a dildo. This shemale wants to hear you saying “faster, please”, while you’re receiving a 10-incher in your ass. On the other side, there she is, jerking off to the sight because nothing excites her more than an obedient man.

She’s willing to go above and beyond in her mission to please you once she cums. You will watch her jizzing all over those perky tits, semen sliding down, but she won’t let it go wasted. This one likes keeping eye contact while licking the cum off her tits, inciting you to reach a much-awaited orgasm.